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Research & Development

What are R&D Tax credits?

  • Valuable form of creating investment in to Innovation in businesses in the European Union
  • Can create cash injections back in to business who are developing their business by utilising the legislation and guidelines on Research and Development.
  • Tax Credits focus on the resources and financial risk undertaken by businesses across the European
  • Union when developing new or appreciably improving products, processes, systems and materials used.
  • Rewards forward thinking businesses, who think outside the box and strive for excellence within their sector of business.
  • Costs Identified are allowed to be accelerated and offset against Corporation tax to create a repayment or surrendered for a Tax Credit

An overview

  • Certain activity/projects undertaken within limited company can be claimed as research and development tax credit
  • Staff costs, consumables and materials used within these activities can result in a tax credit or repayment of tax overpaid, up to the past two open tax years


Your entitlement

  • Valuable form of Investment in to your business.
  • System provides Limited companies with good levels of capital to reinvest in to the business to accelerate the growth and productivity of the business.
  • Businesses are losing out to their competitors who have access to the expertise to produce the claim on R&D


Maximising claims

  • Based on figure from HMRC only a fraction of businesses are making claims for R&D in the UK. (12,190 claims made in 2012). Most Companies are not getting the full support in this area
  • The vast majority of Limited companies in the UK are not exploring their claim entitlement. It is recommended companies who feel they are producing, creating, enhancing; products, processes, devices, materials, systems, services.


Retrospective claims

  • The complexity and constantly changing legislation changes, coupled with ongoing case law, means that most companies are not making claims and do not realise that a claim is restricted.
  • Claims can only go back two open tax years. The Year End date cuts off how far a company can claim.
  • Companies approaching their Year End Date should seek advice to ensure no repayments/Tax Credits are missed.


Why RD Tax Solutions?

  • RD Tax Solutions are a national R&D report specialist.
  • Excel in retrospective, current year research and development reporting
  • Our due diligence and full cycle process means that you can relax, safe in the knowledge that everything is at hand
  • We proactively identify a comprehensive report of the activity and project undertaken and make sure it will be swiftly filed so you can receive your Tax benefit, as quickly as possible


Benefits of our service

  • We provide a professional, multi-disciplined service:
  • 6 years support
  • Accurate, details and robust tax report
  • Maximum Research and Development tax savings thanks to our expertise